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Sales January 28, 2019

Can You Sell Your Home In Winter? Yes You Can

While spring is the traditional time of year to sell homes in the United Kingdom, it is important to be aware that you can sell your home at any time. The emergence of online property portals has transformed the market and with a year-round demand for property, you can sell your home in winter.

At Hansons Estates, we are pleased to say we have helped many homeowners sell their home in winter, and we are pleased to offer tips and guidance on creating the best impression if you have prospective buyers viewing your property in winter.

If you have looked into how to present your home, you will know the outside of your home is vital in setting a positive first impression. In winter, you may not want to spend too much time outside of your home but clearing paths, cleaning gutters and creating a tidy and welcoming environment will go a long way in making guests feel warmly towards your property.

Give your guests a warm welcome this winter

You want to give guests a warm welcome so make sure that you have the heating on before the guests arrive. You don’t want it to be uncomfortably hot but it is vital that guests feel at home when they come into your property.

Of course, prior to the viewing, you want to circulate some fresh air around the home. In winter, windows are most likely to be closed and a stifling atmosphere can develop. Also, smells may linger, so by opening up the windows of your home for a few hours in advance of guests arriving, you can create a fresher atmosphere at home. Just be sure to close the windows and turn the heating on before your guests arrive!

Allow people to feel comfortable in your home

A simple tip that many homeowners overlook is providing a safe and secure place where guests can leave their jackets, hats, gloves, scarves and umbrellas. By investing in a storage solution that is placed close to your front door, you allow guests to get comfortable when they enter your home, which is a strong psychological bonus. You will also find that this helps to minimise the amount of dirt, mud and rainwater that is trampled throughout the home, which will help to keep the house clean.

It should go without saying that your home should be cleaned and decluttered to a high standard but don’t forget to add a seasonal touch or two. Additional rugs and throws make the home seem cosier and if you have a winter accessory or two on display, it will ensure your home seems fresh and seasonal.

At Hansons Estates, we know that some homeowners will have doubts or concerns over their ability to sell their home in winter. We believe that there is sufficient year-round demand for property in Ilford and that it is possible to reach these buyers. If you need any help or guidance in selling your home in winter, contact Hansons Estates and we will do everything we can to make sure you sell your house this winter.

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