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Ilford January 28, 2019

Ilford Vendors: Know What Buyers Look For

Selling your home can be difficult. As a vendor, it is likely that you will have many happy memories of the home and selling your house can be an emotional time. However, it is vital that you remove yourself from the process as much as you can, focusing on what the buyer is looking for. When you know what the buyer is looking for when they view a home, you will have a much greater chance of impressing them and persuading them to make an offer on your home.

At Hansons Estates, we are pleased to say we have helped many Ilford vendors sell their home. We know what local buyers are looking for, and we also research the market. There have been various studies into what buyers are looking for when they purchase property, and this information should help you to present your home in the most effective manner.

Buyers are drawn to windows when viewing a property

A study undertaken by a cleaning equipment company found that 95% of prospective buyers made their way to the windows when they entered the room. The view on offer from a window is an important feature but the condition of windows plays a big part in helping a buyer feel comfortable in a house.

This is because buyers are looking for window frames to be in great condition and for the home to be properly insulated. A well-insulated home is more likely to be comfortable, it should be an energy efficient home and it can help the homeowner save money. A well-insulated home retains heat while preventing cold air from entering the home, which means that the homeowner saves money on energy bills.

Therefore, if you selling your home in Ilford, be aware of the fact that prospective buyers are going to take considerable interest in the condition of your windows and window frames.

Storage space is a crucial factor when selling your Ilford home

Another feature that is important for buyers is storage space. Every buyer is looking for a spacious home but they also want to ensure that there is enough storage space for their belongings. Buyers will inspect these areas so don’t make the mistake of cramming items into these areas to create more space in the general living areas.

If you need to invest in additional storage solutions, you will find that this is a suitable use of your money and time.

While it is understandable that prospective buyers will review the condition of your flooring, don’t overlook the importance of keeping your ceiling in good condition. The study found that 70% of prospective buyers looked up when viewing a home, reviewing the height of the ceiling and looking for features such as cornicing. It will be helpful to clean these areas, removing cobwebs or any other signs of neglect before placing them on to the market.

If you are an Ilford vendor and you are keen to sell your home, contact a local estate agent that makes a difference. At Hansons Estates, we are here to ensure you receive the best support and guidance when it comes to selling your home.

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